Interior Design


“Great design is making sense of your desires.”  A good design is understanding the clients needs for the space, understanding their style, and making sense of it all.   Whether it is buying all new furnishings and accessories, or reinventing what is already owned.  The space should reflect the client.

Redesign is the art of using what you have and creating a new, original space.  Have you become tired but truly don’t want to buy anything new at this time?  Repurpose from other rooms, switch up artwork and accessories, move furniture in a new and exciting way.


“Most enjoyable of the experience that Debi moved all the furniture, putting collectibles in a more appropriate place. Debi is very good at this. I think everyone who is tired of their home environment should pay the expense and have her come transform that room! It’s very enjoyable to have it done. To see your collectibles displayed in a totally different way. I strongly recommend all to do this, you will enjoy your home (room) so much more!!”

Pam E.Centreville, VA


“I loved Debi’s eye for detail and her ability to take the things I already owned and arrange/use them more effectively. The end result is so great!”

Flo T. – Centreville, VA


“Debi was able to create a beautiful redesign of my living room. I absolutely love the new room! She used furniture and items from different rooms and pulled them together to design a beautiful, useful living space!”

Donna L.Centreville, VA


“Debi is very creative. She is also not forceful, so there is a balance in forming ideas. I loved seeing things in a brand new way.”

Sharon F.Chantilly, VA


“Debi has a very non-intrusive way of redesigning your room. She comes up with ideas and puts items in places you never imagined. She combines her art with practicality and comes up with clever ways to display and showcase items that are important to you. She is never short on ideas and is always willing to share tips to help you. Debi’s energy and unique creative perspective will warm your heart while improving that room.”

Donna L-R.Reston, VA


“I enjoyed working with Debi because of her warm friendliness and creative ideas and energy. We have kept the new furniture arrangement in the family room, because it has worked so well. We have also made some of the changes Debi suggested for the rec room and plan to do more when I find loveseats that I like. Having Debi come to our house has had lasting benefits; it’s like a gift that keeps on giving.”

Marguerite K.  – Reston, VA